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Today we went to Los Cocos in the morning and told the Paul and Lydia story to all the kids. Luis and Sarah acted out the skit and we passed out ribbons and sang songs in Spanish. While there I had a conversation with a few kids and actually understood all of it! We talked about colors and sports and taught each other words in our own language.
Next we went to Cuesta Arena (My favorite place) to play with the kids. I love seeing Juancito there; he’s my favorite! ☺ He loves playing tag with you and loves on you all day. I also learned that those kids are strong! Courtney and I got beat up and tied up and taken to the ground. They thought it was hilarious. Juancito was the only kid that helped untie me and didn’t put the ropes around me; that’s why he’s my favorite! The two girls that we’re my favorite 2 years ago finally came today and Courtney and I had a little reunion. It was a very tiring day but the best so far. After that we went to Cienfuego to do the same lesson we did in Los Cocos. There was a lot of dancing and singing and having a good time. I decided to save the best for last….Dinner Time!!! The food here is AMAZING! I look forward to it everyday. I can’t describe how it taste but it’s good. That’s all for today.

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