El Temblor that Changed Everything

In Feb 2010, a 7.0 earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The effects were felt physically across the island of Hispaniola and emotionally effected the entire world. As people from all countries reached out to help, no country provided aid like the Dominican Republic. Challenging years of cultural oppression, the Dominican Republic reached out to their neighbors.
Two years later, much of the world has forgotten once again about the poverty stricken island of Haiti. It is easy to forget in a world where disaster strikes every day and news casters decide what is important for the world to be concerned with.
Sunday, I met a survivor of the quake just 17 years old, who cannot forget about the day his entire life changed. Before the quake, his parents were educated members of society, trilingual, and somewhat affluent, at least for Haitians. After the quake, he returned home to find that the apartment building he was living in had collapsed and his entire family was inside at the time. Only he and a younger sister survived and were left in the rubbles to live. The compassionate owners of an orphanage took in his sister, but he was too old for them to care for. Now alone, two years away from a high school diploma, he lives with a friend and attends church every moment he can. A young man, desperately desiring to finish his education, physically capable of work, and speaks English, Creole, and Spanish, is seen as nothing but Haitian and now struggles to live in a world that has forgotten about the tragedy that caused his life to change forever. His faith is motivating and inspirational.
Please pray for all of the survivors of the Haiti earthquake as they are all still suffering and are in need of prayer.

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