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It’s already been five days but I feel as if I’ve only just arrived. When I first flew into Santiago I thought, “How will I reach these kids from different communities in only five days?” But after today I’ve come to realize that our mission group made a difference the very first day. This morning after eating another delicious breakfast at Pastora’s house, our group went to her church for Sunday School and the adult service. When we reached the church, Erin and I immediately spotted Juancito and his face lights up at the sight of us! It was such a joy to have him with us at church that morning. Not only him, but other kids from Los Cocos were there to enjoy the lesson Sarah prepared for Sunday School. During Worship we sang songs in Spanish and the language barrier made me feel even closer to God rather than farther away. Erin, Juancito, a little boy from Los Cocos and I were holding hands, dancing, and singing and I really felt God’s presence in those moments. Afterwards we had yet another mouthwatering lunch at Pastora’s house before we headed off to Cuesta Arena. Of course, Juancito was waiting for us when we pulled up. My two favorite girls, Anyelli and Yasmine, were there as well and that really brightened my day. It was tough knowing it was our last day with the kids but we made it one of the best just having fun and enjoying our time with them. Saying goodbye was the hardest part, though. But seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs of all the kids lets me know that our week here was special to them and that we were able to share God’s love with each and every one of them. I can only pray that they will never lose their smiles because God loves them and is with them always.

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