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Buenos Dias! Como esta??

We are in the DR. Amazing. And the approximately five words i have en espanol are being used wildly. It is as if my arms are cut off because i can’t talk!! But beyond all that, things are good. We are seeing the work of Sarah and the plan of God (Dios), from YEARS ago, coming to fruition. Pastora Sairy came here 10 years ago, thinking this was not the best spot for her. Not understanding that four men and women had been crying, praying and asking God to revive their church. They stood for, protected the property, and waited on God to come. And so Sairy was sent. And four years later, Sarah came and God joined their hearts together . . . . God had been working behind the scenes . . . as He says in His word, He had gone ahead and behind and placed His hand of blessing on their heads. SO fun to see! SO great to see Him at work. So. Now there is a VERY alive church, affecting the community both in Santiago and moving the work forward in Cuesta Arena. They have begun programs for families to address the violence within and to encourage God’s plan for our homes. They are building a school (we will be pouring the cement floor today) and working toward a water filtration system.

Bottom line is that the legacy will be changed here because of what God had in mind years ago. Because He made Sarah’s heart light up when she came here. Generations will be changed down the line. People are learning of Jesus and God’s hope and plan for their lives. It is truly miraculous to see and especially so when you see the conditions. Sarah said the kids never used to smile, let alone play. That is NOT the case. We are very blessed to be here and I am very thankful. Tim preached today. He tag-teamed with Socrates, a very talented Dominican, who is involved with many things, teaching English, has a TV show, i think many more things, but the two of them together, I believe God had in mind also.

I am being affected by their sweet hospitality . . . their totally open home . . . by their way of life to serve in this way. It is challenging to me. Many blessings to you and we’ll see you soon. Much love!

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