Child Sponsorship

We have started the child sponsorship program. We have 19 children up for sponsorship. The sponsorship is $30 a month or one time of $360 for the year. Payments can be made online through the donation page of this website or checks can be sent monthly. Sponsorship includes writing correspondence, pictures, and as always, an open invitation to come meet your child. Since I am living here full time and one person, you have the luxury of knowing the child, their family, their home, their world. Pictures of the individual children with their names is listed on the website. Once you decide on a child, send me an email (see tab for “Contact Us” and I will be able to email you information on your child, pictures, and information on the area. You can immediately write a letter and mail it with pictures and information about yourself and your family. You will also be able to see pictures of your child on the website and be able to recognize them. Some children are sibling sets. If you are interested in two please let me know and I can point them out to you. Thank you so much to everyone for their continued prayers and support.

See pictures of the children here.

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