Change and Prayers

The second group has left and I am back with the family. Sairy’s trip to London was canceled due to confusion over new visa rules. In her words “Dios sabe” (God knows). The first groups did VBS in Los Cocos and in Cien Fuegos. They were greatly received and greatly appreciated. The second group did VBS in Cuesta Arena and construction. The group completed the stucco and began digging the 6,000 gallon cistern and used the dirt to fill the house. The next group is a choral group that will complete the cistern and perform a concert to help the church raise money for instruments.
In the meantime, I am staying with Sairy and helping where I can. She has found a new apartment down the street so we are moving a little each day. The plan is if there is electricity today we will sleep there tonight. Members from the church, neighbors, and friends have been helping the family. The new place is bigger, safer, and cooler. I guess I never really thought about the impact the mission teams have on the family but this new place was chosen because they can feed more missionaries comfortably. There is an entire cubbard in the kitchen for the missionaries and even an extra bathroom for the missionaries to use.
Today the church is in 24 hours of prayer. I ask the you join them in their prayers for the growth of their church and God’s presence in their lives. Mami left yesterday after getting word that her mother was sick. Please lift up her health in your prayers as well.

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