Catalog of Contributions- April 6, 2013

We have had such an exciting year! The school is up and running successfully with 19 children learning about how much God loves them. A huge thank you to everyone that donated school supplies, child sponsorships, and teacher sponsorships. It has been an exciting year and we will celebrate our first graduation as 6 of our students will be graduating into the public school system. Please keep Ashley, Braylin, Eshmarlin, Luz Mery, Wendi, and Yordanis along with their families in your prayers as they transition this summer.

We are also excited to announce that the water system has been completed with the grant from the International Rotary, the water has been cleared by the local lab, and Guillermo has begun distributing water to the community. Thank you all so much for your support and continued prayers on this long project. As I am currently in the states, I will be following up and will have details on the opening of the water system.

We continue to grow and improve our projects. Our ultimate goal is always self-sufficiency and though not all of the projects start that way, we aim to move in that direction. The parents have been providing the kids with daily snacks and making monthly donations to the school which now covers the costs we had budgeted with the child sponsorship. We will be working on a new project when I return in a few days to start a store in Cuesta Arena that will eventually help fund the teacher sponsorship. Though we do not plan on it covering the costs immediately, we hope that over time it will help the school become more self sufficient.
As we move toward self-sufficiency, we are excited and sad to announce that in June 2013 we will be ending our child sponsorship program. We thank everyone that made the one year commitment to the children and pray that God has rewarded you through your generosity. It is only through your sponsorship that we were able to make this school year possible. We are asking all of our child sponsors to take a look at the Catalog of Contributions and find a new way to become involved. There are numerous projects, varying in costs, locations, and commitments. We pray that you stay involved with Renewed Hope and Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana. We have only just begun!
For churches, teams coming this year, teams that have come in the past, and/or individuals that have fallen in love with the children and communities in Santiago and cannot forget, we ask you to download the Catalog of Contributions to share with family, friends, and churches. We are currently working toward raising the money to cover next school year and looking toward the future. This Catalog is also now available at (under forms). It details all of the projects we currently have started as well as projects we would like to start. We know that everyone is passionate about different things so we have tried to include various different projects for people to get involved with. We thank everyone for all they have done, large or small, all have been significant and greatly appreciated.

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