Brenda-Round Hill- July 6, 2014

MISSION: Ministry sent by a church to spread it’s teaching

A continuing task or responsibility that one is destined or specially called upon to undertake.


It is our mission, as a ministry sent by the church

to spread it’s teaching,

Our task and our responsibility –

We are destined, called upon by God – even preaching.


Jesus said “Suffer the Little Children to Come Unto Me”

And, like Him, we will welcome ALL who desire to learn,

For, the “Little Ones,” so innocent – hearts open wide –

Will be to us of the utmost highest concern.


As the children walk, we prepare a place for them

A place to listen, learn – and even some to be tutored after,

In our Bible School, may we provide lessons –

Have a chance to show God’s Love, and share some laughter.


Our task – to build a Wall – contain the children who may wander,

This will protect them all and keep them safe,

And, it shall also serve to keep out livestock –

Which may wander in, as they explore this new space.


But, most of all, may we share the “Holy Spirit”

With children who may not have ever heard,

As we tell stories from the Bible –

May they know the power of “The Word.”


And, as they are tucked in safely at the end of the day,

Kneeling down to say a prayer,

We trust that God in His Infinite Wisdom –

Will take them to His Bosom and hold them there.


Help us Lord to be your Servants

Humble us and hold us close,

Let us be the hands of Jesus –

For, each one of us YOU chose…..



Dominican Republic Mission Team Prayer

Brenda Dolly – 2014

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