Beauty (in a nutshell)

My second full day in the Dominican and I sit frozen in amazement. Everyone here is beautiful. I definitely stick out like a sore thumb as one of the three girls who are “blanca,” and I must say that I’m quite jealous of the perfect tans everyone here seems to have. But that’s not the beauty that stands out to me. What I find so beautiful is that I look around and see nothing in a lot of places except for trash, a couple of stray dogs and children running around with no shoes on; yet they smile. These children are happy and wonderful. They give more hugs than I can count, jump on your back for a ride, look at you like you are their best friend, and love on you like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t even describe how awesome that is, except for to say it’s beautiful.
As if that isn’t awesome enough, I haven’t had a meal that I can say is anything less than “delicioso!” I have also already had the pleasure of attending church where goosebumps became a part of my skin. The worship is unimaginable and people sing out/yell out to God to thank Him and praise Him. They all worship Him from the bottom of their hearts and clap, sing, and dance for Him. I found myself cuddling a little baby, attempting to dance with some of the teenagers, and singing in Spanish. Church here is also beyond a beautiful thing. Finally, the scenery is flawless and my camera hasn’t left my side.
I cannot wait to see what more God has in store for this trip. I have eight more days and cannot even imagine what else is to come. I admire both Sarah and Jocelyn so much for their faith and passion for this place. I’m blessed to know each of them. I am blessed to have family and friends that have supported me and gotten me here. And I’m blessed to have a family here that I already love so much, that have welcomed me into their home for shelter and food everyday.
Love in Christ,
Kristyn Kendrick

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