Arriving and Day 1

Yesterday Ali and I left very early in the morning. We arrived into Santiago at 130 and were greeted by Sairy, Momi, and Frank at the airport. When we got home we ate until satisfied. Sairy and I spent the afternoon talking about the groups and what they would be doing. We then went and checked into La Islita. Sairy had a meeting so Ali and I spent the evening playing Monopoly and the famous Swap with Felix and Luis. Dinner was my always favorite Queso Frito y Yucca!!! We then went to La Sierna to buy supplies for VBS. Ali and Felix walked around the store pointing out different items and Ali saying it in English to teach Felix and Felix saying it in Spanish to teach Ali. Ali has gotten a unique taste of what “regular” Dominican life is like. She will also get to see what group missionary life is like….a little bit of everything.

I am super excited for the weeks ahead. The first group to visit flies in tonight from St Pauls UMC from Jacksonville, Fl. We will spend the week doing VBS and visiting different neighborhoods. They will be the first group to visit Cien Fuegos and will spend the week in Cuesta Arena and in Los Cocos. They will get a unique taste of not just one community but 3!!

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