Arrived safely

Travel was surprisingly easy and all flights arrived early! We landed in the DR with our 6 year old friend screaming oh yeah oh yeah with fists pumping in the air instead of the usual applause. Sairy and Frank picked us up and we are sleeping at her house tonight with the whole family. Momi made steak with rice and lettuce, tomato, and red peppers. It was great to be around treat food. They all told Kemble skinny I was since I wasn’t eating moms food. Tomorrow we will move to Kim and Damons apartment and head to meet with the filtration system specialist. Sairy told me he took a bottle of water from the well in Cuesta Arena to study and test. Apparently there is a salt water stream running under Cuesta Arena hat we tapped into. Hopefully he will tell us all we need tomorrow. Off to bed in my home away from home! Buenas noches

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