April 3

Today the medical team arrives. It has been interesting getting ready. Avis has not been easy to work with and we have had to make reservations for the last night at another location. This morning we got up and I went to the “mercado”. They have always gone without me and now I understand why. The “mercado” is no Publix. We went to buy chicken and we walked down this dirty street to a building that was completely open. The health department would have a field day in this place!! We walk in and a woman is buying her chicken. They pull a live one from the back, weigh it, then wring its neck, pluck it, and clean it…..alll right there!! Luckily our chicken had been killed before we got there. I knew how it all worked but I definately don’t want to see it right before I have to eat it! I think I’ll stick with my Publix shopping!!
We bought the rest of the food at the market that I usually go with them to. And went to set up at La Ilita. Because of van issues with Avis we will be eating at La Islita so we set up the cafeteria and cleaned the dishes. I’m exctied for this group but sad for their arrival because it means the beginning of my last week here!! Hopefully they will be able to blog about their experiences but they won’t be at the house where the internet is so we will have to work something out.

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