4/5/22 to 4/8/22 Updates

Sarah Rosenburg

Tuesday Sairy and Papi were up early to go to the church. When they came home, we packed food and towels and headed off the the beach. On the straight road (not the mountain road) to Puerta Plata we stopped just prior to entering Puerta Plata in Guzmancito. One of the last groups that came explored this beach with Kelfi and I. It is located on the same bay as Port Amber Cove, where we entered on the cruise. Tuesday there were no boats so the bay was pretty quiet. We did get to sit back and observe local tourists enjoying (and being thrown from a banana boat ride, horse back riding, and some distant wind surfers. Sairy,
Mommi, and Poppi enjoyed the share while I enjoyed the cool breeze, warm water, and vitamin D. This beach is lovely because we have access to rent the same chairs as Cabarette but with shallow waters perfect for relaxing. We all commented that it wasn’t quite the same beach day as we didn’t bring any children with us and obviously no missionaries.

Upon returning to the house, Sairy and set off to buy school supplies to fill graduation backpacks and fulfill Kendys supply needs.

Sairy and I have been getting up and walking the neighborhood each morning. It gives us time to connect, share thoughts, and create a plan for the day. On Wednesday, after our walk, we headed back to Cuesta Arena, although we arrived just as the school let out. (See more in the Cuesta Arena blog) We headed back to the house for lunch and siesta and returned to the church Wednesday evening for bible study. Kendys lead the prayer and song and Nino lead the Bible study. The church has a full week of Samana Santa (Holy week) activities planned…starting with Palm Sunday and the reenactment of Jesus entering Jerusalem on the donkey. Complete with the donkey!!

Thursday, after our walk, Sairy and I ran errands, visiting the mechanic to fix her muffler, picking up tracks at the local Christian book store for Easter, and even connecting with Kelfi at a local store on his lunch break. In the afternoon, we visited La Islita, picked up groceries, and looked at toilets for Cuesta Arena and came home with supplies for mommi to make habichuelas con dulce (a Dominican staple during Holy Week).

Friday we stayed close to home as Sairy prepared for weekend festivities at the church and mommi and poppi headed home to Sabaneta.

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