3/23/23 Christ UMC Venice


Day 2 we had a much better flow for the morning schedule and were out the door by 8:30am. After picking up people at the church and stopping for water and ice, we arrived back in Cuesta Arena. Today the clinic saw only a handful of people. We passed out about 20 tickets for families and finished around noon. When the painting was finished, we loaded up and headed to Villa Liberacion. The electricity was out in the city so we started to set up outside under a large mango tree. However, due to new regulations set up by the department of public health, we had to move everything indoors. After seeing about 15 families, we packed up and headed back to the hotel to shower and head to dinner. It was a full day.

In Cuesta Arena, I got to spend time with Manuel, Heidi, Genesis, and other “kids” from the area that are no longer kids. So many of them have grown up so much, I hardly recognize them. I did not do a good job of taking pictures but hopefully Saturday I will do better.

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