18 Days Away

As we pack our bags for our longest trip yet, we are reminded of God’s continual blessings. We have our 10 ceiling fans, bathroom faucets, plastic fruit, and yes even the kitchetn sink packed. As I was getting together the money we had to take, I decided we needed more. Stepping out in faith, I asked for $1300 more than we actually had to take. Two days later, I recieved a phone call from one of the ladies on the trip. She said she had talked with one of her friends and they cut us a check. Not for $1000 or even $1500, a normal round number; but for $1300. It is moments like this that I am reminded that this is truly the work of God and He provides for those who are faithful to Him. As we leave on our journey this week, we ask for prayers for travel (we are traveling with American Airlines) and safe keeping (during Hurrican Season). We hope to continually keep up with bloggs so check back regularly. **Sarah

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